Burke County man arrested for stealing tractors

October 31, 2007

BURKE CTY, Ga.---William Henry Gay, Jr. is in jail, arrested for allegedly stealing tractors. He was picked up this morning after skipping bond in December 2004.

Officers say Gay's wife was hiding him from police. Deputies found him under his son's bed.

Gay was arrested in November of that year for the removal of encumbered property, which is property with a lien on it. He was accused of stealing several tractors from Burke Truck & Tractor in Waynesboro in 2003.

Investigators say he skipped town when he was indicted in January 2005.

The tractors were sold to folks in Hephzibah, including city commissioner Peter Ciccio. Ciccio pleaded guilty in October of 2006 to buying one of them. He was later unanimously voted off the commission, but has refused to step down while he appeals the decision.

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