District 10 Commission Candidates

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, October 30, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---The Augusta Commission election is one week away. To help with your decision, News 12 is taking a closer look at the candidates. Today: District 10.

First up is incumbent Don Grantham, a father of two and grandfather of four. Fishing and hunting are his favorite pastimes. But time is something Grantham says he doesn't have much of lately.

"This is not a four-hour meeting job," he said. "This is a 25- to 30-hour per week job that if you're gonna commit yourself to this Commission, you best be prepared to do what the people of this community expect you to do."

These are words of wisdom for newcomer John Butler. He is a carpenter and husband of 14 years with 4 kids and a family pet named Sam. Butler's platform is "Extreme Makeover".

"I thought to myself, 'When is the last time a carpenter got elected?'" Butler said. "And so I said to myself, 'You know what, let's spice it up, let's give it some life. Call it Extreme Makeover.' The first thing we want to do is tear down the walls between districts, between commissioners, and begin communicating again."

"95 percent of the issues that we deal with on the Commission is normally passed with a majority of the vote and with dialogue that needs to be had," Grantham said.

"One thing we can do is to have a functional Commission," said Butler. "A functional Commission will enable companies to have faith and begin to believe in the city of Augusta. Right now we have so many political problems and race-based politics that companies quickly check Augusta off the list."

"That is not true," Grantham said. "We do have racial harmony within the Commission and within the community as far as I am concerned. We have shown that with the election that we had with our Mayor Pro-Tem Betty Beard and the things that we have been able to accomplish this year."

So who will you choose?

"My name is John Butler, and I want to ask the people of Augusta this: Do you feel that the Richmond County Commission needs an Extreme Makeover? Do you feel that we could and should be doing better? If so, I ask you to vote for me, John Butler. Vote for change."

"I'm Don Grantham, and I would like to have your vote on November the 6th to be your commissioner for three more years. I have the leadership and the experience that I feel is warranted by the people of this community."

This concludes News 12's series on the candidates for Augusta Commission. Read previous stories below.

Commissioner Jimmy Smith is running unopposed in District 8.

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