On Your Side: Space Heater Safety

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News 12 at 6, October 30, 2007

AUGUSTA -- With the cooler weather, some of you may be using space heaters to stay warm, but you should be careful with them. Every winter, people being careless with space heaters end up causing many house fires, both here and around the country.

If you're space heater is more than five years old, experts say you need to replace it. But whether you have an old one or a new one, it all comes down to being careful.

"Normally, they put them too close to the combustibles like chairs and beds. A lot of elderly people use them to stay warm. They tend to leave them. You cannot leave a space heater on," said Lt. G.B. Hannan of the Richmond County Fire Department.

If you get a new space heater, you will likely get some new features along with it. Most of the new models will shut off if they tip over and many will also shut off if they get too hot.

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