MRSA hits Columbia County schools

October 30, 2007

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA---Twelve Columbia County students are being treated for MRSA, the drug-resistant form of staph infection.

MRSA is resistant to commonly-used antibiotics, and if it isn't treated in time, it can be deadly. One 17-year-old high school student in Virginia died just two weeks ago from the deadly staph strain.

The Columbia County school district says each student has been removed from school until each has healed. The district also says desks and other areas the students came in contact with have been sanitized. Athletic equipment is also being cleaned by school staff.

School officials are urging all students to practice good personal hygiene and to get medical treatment if they think they're sick.

Notices were sent home with students who may have come in direct contact with infected students.

Columbia County schools with MRSA cases

High Schools
-Evans: 2
-Greenbrier: 2
-Harlem: 2
-Lakeside: 1

Middle Schools
-Greenbrier: 1
-Grovetown: 1
-Riverside: 1

Elementary Schools
-Blue Ridge: 1
-Grovetown: 1

Richmond County sent a letter to parents Tuesday saying the district has two unconfirmed cases of MRSA in students. It was later confirmed that one of them did in fact have MRSA.

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