Club Dreams too noisy for some neighbors

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News 12 at 11 o'clock, Oct. 29, 2007

Augusta -- Neighbors say it's just too noisy but the owner of Club Dreams is determined to keep it going. Neighbors tell News 12 they just want to sleep in peace and quiet. But 4 nights out of the week -- that's simply not happening.

This man has been living behind Club Dreams for 8 years. It used to be a peaceful place where he could sleep at night. But that all changed earlier this year with loud music every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night.

"Not only that, it goes until 1 or 2 in the morning," says Krisshna Kantdave.

He says his house is about 1,000 feet from the club. So, how quiet should it really be? The Richmond County noise ordinance says at no time, should the noise be heard more than 50 feet from where it starts. His house? Way beyond that line.

"We should not be able to hear that noise. That's my point."

Sheriff Ronnie Strength tells News 12, there have been more than a couple of noise citations given to Club Dreams this year. His office wants Augusta Commissioners to consider cracking down. They can remove, suspend or put the clubs liquor license on probation for the loud noise.

"Deputies have walked in my house and they've seen the walls trembling. Vibrating. It's that loud," says Kantdave.

Commissioners will also look at disorderly and unsafe parking. The club's attorney denies the complaints.

"Our clients have every right to operate their business in that area," says Leon Larke.

Another neighbor who lives 3 blocks away is not complaining.

"I haven't heard anything," says Belinda Preddy.

And Pervis Black -- who works at the club -- says they're doing all they can to keep the sound inside.

"They've done so much to protect ourselves, as far as sound proofing. And we had people come in, check the sound and it's not really loud," says Pervis Black.

But the nearest neighbors not buying it!

"If they can't control the loud noise and keep breaking the city ordinance, it should be closed," says Kantdave.

The next step is for the Public Service Committee to put the questions on the Commissioners agenda. And then Commissioners can decide the future of Club Dreams.

This isn't the first time Club Dreams has been in the news. Back in February, a bouncer was injured in a shooting in the parking lot outside the club.

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