Drug bust in Aiken County

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News 12 at 11 o'clock, October 26, 2007

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. --- The Aiken County Sheriff's Office said at least seven people have been arrested, after a drug bust in the Currytown area. Neighbors said the drugs have been a longtime problem.

Melissa Carter said the drugs have been going on in her neighborhood for five years.

"I was afraid for my kids because they were selling drugs at the bus stops sometime and anything can happen," Melissa Carter said.

"We want them to be safe," Roosevelt Curry said.

He's talking about his children and is concerned for their safety. Neighbors said they are fed up with the noise and strange cars driving around in their neighborhood. Aiken County Sheriff Michael Hunt said, seven people were arrested Friday, after a drug bust at Currytown Lane and Ridge Road in North Augusta. It all started at a routine call for a stolen golf cart. When a deputy pulled up to a home in that area, ten people dropped guns and different types of drugs, and ran into the woods. Sheriff Hunt said along with they drugs, they also found seven pit bulls.

"Usually, when you see a case such as this with guns and drugs and dog fighting, it all goes together," Aiken County Sheriff Michael Hunt said.

Two people were arrested as they tried to buy drugs from the home. Investigators said they seized an SUV which had drug items inside, a black pick-up truck that had marijuana inside, as well as some four-wheelers and a dirt bike they said were stolen.

"It's been a problem for years and years but you know we didn't know how to stop it."

So this neighborhood came up with a solution. They came together and had meetings about the drug problem and put up signs in the neighborhood. Signs that read, "The Drugs Got To Go", "Please Help Michael Hunt", and "If Its Drugs...Wrong Driveway...Next Left". Neighbors said the signs finally paid off. Sheriff Hunt said the pit bulls may have been involved in dog fighting. Neighbors said they hope drug dealers think twice before coming back to their neighborhood.

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