Staph infection at Augusta State

October 26, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Augusta State University reports a case of staph infection involving one of its students, and sources on campus tell News 12 it's MRSA, the more serious form of infection.

The student apparently had it for a week and a half before coming forward yesterday.

The professors who taught that student have been notified, and ASU's physical plant staff has already cleaned surfaces in the classrooms and other areas that may have been contaminated.

News 12 caught up with a student on campus who says it's scary.

"We have a thousand students here, we have a computer lab," Patrick Harris, a junior, told News 12. "They're touching things, and exposing several people to whatever they have, and it's wrong on their part, and it's kind of scary to actually know someone would be that irresponsible."

We're told the student will not be allowed back on campus until doctors say it's safe.

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