District 6 Commission Candidates

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, October 24, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---The Augusta Commission election is just a few weeks away. 5 seats are up for grabs. To help with your decision, News 12 is taking a closer look at each candidate. Today: District 6.

Commissioner Andy Cheek's term is up. Will the newcomer carry on the torch of big projects like Cheek's Ellis Street option? Here's what candidates had to say.

"It's like opening up a can of worms. Once you're there you're almost obligated to finish it," says Joe Jackson. He is not completely sold. "I would want to see more details. I think it's a great idea that we can get industry downtown."

Juanita Burney says, "There is more than one way to achieve and to grow. We should not segment ourselves on one project that is either or but we need to look at 5 or 6 or 7 different kinds of projects because we're now a diverse community. Everybody's interests are not the same."

There is the drag strip. Tony Lewis says, "If we pass up the opportunity of keeping that economic viable in Augusta area then we're losing out to South Carolina."

Lewis is at least one candidate convinced a drag strip has traction in Augusta. He says, "I love the drag strip idea, but we've just got to find a better location for the drag strip."

Rosa Clemons throws up a caution, though. She says, "The first thing we don't want to run into is people not understanding each other and we get into bumping heads behind closed doors and not getting anything done."

Elmer Singley says he'll rely on experience. He says, "I am a retired captain in the United States Army Military Police. I'm a retired supervisor from the V.A. Medical Center. I've ran for various offices here in Augusta-Richmond county and in running for the offices you must know something about these offices."

There you have it. Now for roll call...

"I am Rosa Clemens. I am running for county commission District 6. The reason you should vote for me is I bring experience I have a proven track record of working with others, and I can get the job done."

"I am Juanita Burney a life-long resident of Augusta, Georgia. You should vote for me because I really care about our county."

"I am Tony Lewis, and I'm running for the 6th District county commission seat because Tony Lewis is a caring and passionate individual."

"My name is Joe Jackson, and I guess I'm liked by the friends and family that I have."

"I am Elmer Singley. The best qualified candidate for District 6."

Coming up, we look at candidates in District 8 and 10. Remember: November 6, 2007 is election day.

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