System-wide accreditation for Richmond County schools

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News 12 First at Five, October 24, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. - Hephzibah High School Principal Dr. Veta New is thrilled about the system-wide accreditation for Richmond County Schools.

"In a system the size of ours, it's wonderful to know where we all are and be able to look at each other as another team member rather than someone else out there," says Dr. New.

Richmond County Superintendent Dr. Dana Bedden says success is all about teamwork and that's why he chose to do a system-wide accreditation. Bedden says it ensures all schools are measured with the same standards.

The accreditation process shines a light on what needs to be improved and highlights what's working. Bedden calls it part of his blueprint for success.

"I think it's gonna add some insightful information about our educational program. It's going to be another piece that we can use to develop what I would call the blueprint for success," says Dr. Bedden.

Success is something Hephzibah Senior Carlena Prophet is familiar with. She's one of a handful of students selected to serve on the accreditation student committee.

"I think it's something great for the county because it shows what areas we need work in and we improve year by year and day by day," says Prophet.

And day by day improvement is how Dr. Bedden says Richmond County will slowly become one of the best school districts in our area.

"My idea is to be one of the top-rated school districts in the region, the state and then hope to have a national reputation," says Bedden.

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