Drought problem may lead to court battle

October 22, 2007

The fight over water could be heading to court, and Georgia is in the middle of it.

The record drought across the Southeast has Alabama, Georgia, and Florida fighting over water supplies.

Gov. Perdue has now declared the areas from Atlanta north in a state of emergency and wants federal disaster help. He's worried Lake Lanier, a reservoir that supplies water to 3 million people, will dry up within three months.

Locally, the drought impact is also being felt at Lake Thurmond.

"I think what's going through my mind is the devastation from the drought. It's amazing how much of the sand is showing. Everything that should be floating is high and dry," said Diane Shewbuirt. "You can see the deterioration of the shore line where the trees are falling in. It's sad."

Georgia is still under mandatory water outdoor restrictions, the same ones that have been in place for many months.

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