Western Carolina State Fair in full swing

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News 12 at 11 o'clock, October 21, 2007

AIKEN, S.C. --- Lots of fast-paced action at the Western Carolina State Fair. There are many attractions for families to enjoy at this year's fair. There are rides, games, an interactive zoo, as well as camel rides, and lots of food.

"I like the funnel cakes and the french fries," Montaria Booker said.

"Every time I come to the fair, I always get food," Laporsha Williams said.

Patricia Toppi has been making funnel cakes for ten years. "A lot of people enjoy it. I make my batter from scratch," she said.

Korina Blanton has been working at the fair for 17 years. She told us she enjoys when the kids beat their parents at the balloon pop.

"I had a two-year-old play earlier and popped three balloons out of three, and the parent missed every single one," Blanton said.

Tim and Lindsey Whisnant have been coming to the fair for 25 years and they said it's tradition. They spent the day riding the ferris wheel and eating their favorite food: funnel cakes.

"It's kind of a time honored tradition with the fair. Kids screaming, loud music, tons of lights, it's tradition for me," Tim Whisnant said.

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