Humane Society works to curb rabies

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News 12 at 11 o'clock, Oct. 20, 2007

COLUMBIA CTY, Ga. -- You may not know you have it. And it will kill you. On Saturday afternoon, the Columbia County Humane Society was helping prevent rabies from spreading, by giving pets a shot for only $5.

Kimberly Isenhour is saving a lot of money. More than $150 dollars to be exact.

"Especially people who have multiple pets like me and have $3 and $5 for a shot is -- you can't get any cheaper than that," says Kimberly.

And not only saving money, but possibly saving lives. A simple rabies shot is important to keep her family, friends and kids safe.

"If they come over, you don't want your animals biting them and them getting something and getting sued over it," says Kimberly.

It's only been a few days since two kids were given prevention shots after a rabid fox bit them and tested positive for rabies in Aiken County. The fourth confirmed rabid animal in the county this year. And Mark Fiebiger wants to make sure his family isn't at risk.

"That's everything to me. That's family you got to keep them safe."

In September, one raccoon infected 2 dogs in Columbia County. The 7th confirmed case for the county. The Humane Society quarantines about 15 dogs a year for rabies. It's hard to detect. That's because they can't prove an animal has rabies when it's alive. But there are some warning signs.

"Aggression, drooling at the mouth," says Chaffin Roseberry with the Humane Society.

Kendra Mole's number one priority is keeping both her pet and son safe.

"We can do a lot of things in life and not realize how valuable a loved one is until something happens," she says.

"And for $5... you can't beat it!" says Kimberly.

If you think you were bitten by a rabid animal, go see a doctor immediately. Because if it turns into rabies, it will kill you. But there are a series of vaccinations you can take to slow the disease down.

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