Manhunt at Midland Valley Golf Course

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News 12 First at Five, October 17, 2007

AIKEN CTY, S.C. --- Deputies searched all day for 54-year-old Richard Moseley in Graniteville near Midland Valley Country Club.

The search was on at both the Midland Valley Estates and the Country Club, which surrounds it. Even after searching all day, investigators still believe Moseley could be somewhere on the back nine of the golf course. All of this after a violent morning at the home of his estranged wife at 103 Crossroads Drive.

"Oh God, I just got home from walking the dog and am I glad to be home!" said Patricia Chapman who lives in the neighborhood. She was out walking her dog around 5 o'clock this morning.

"Gee, in this day in age, I'm lucky I didn't run into him," she says.

Investigators says Mark Lacy was out smoking on the porch at 103 Crossroads Drive in Graniteville around 5 this morning, and that's when Moseley came around the porch with a handgun, threatening to kill both Lacy and Moseley's estranged wife Vicky.

Neighbors saw the flashing lights of deputies cars early this morning and thought it was a thunderstorm. But Patricia and her husband Dick found out it was a different type of storm.

"This person they are looking for went right across our property," Dick said.

Investigators say there was a violent fight in the house, involving golf clubs. They say Richard Moseley dropped the handgun during the fight and that Vicky picked it up and ran out of the house to call 911. Eventually, Richard Moseley left the house too and tried to get to his white pickup truck parked at the Clubhouse. But deputies were already there. That's when they say he ran onto the course.

It's a course Moseley knows well. Investigators say he lived with Vicky for more than 10 years. The assistant pro, Tommy Carpenter, tells News 12 there are plenty of places to hide.

"Very thick brush, places where you would need -- you just couldn't just walk through," Carpenter said.

And with the search still on, neighbors are staying inside!

"I think if they don't catch him I won't go walking tomorrow morning," Patricia said.

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