Budget, controversial nightclub on Commission agenda

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, October 16, 2007

AUGUSTA, GA---Augusta's city budget takes center stage as commissioners decide how to spend your tax money. And an Augusta nightclub owner asks for permission to re-open as a restaurant after a deadly shooting in his club. City administrator Fred Russell announcing a new budget plan for 2008.

He is calling it his toughest decision yet. Here is the breakdown...8/10 of a mill for the general fund, and 2/10 of a mill for the fire fund. For a $100,000 home, in Augusta, that would cost you about $30 a year, or $2.51 a month, or 8 cents a day. Administrator Russell says,"When you look at that in the real world that's less than a gallon of gas..."

While we are on the topic of funds...the Augusta commission said no to a $200, 000 dollar survey for Commissioner Andy Cheeks Ellis Street option. Commissioner Cheeks says today's vote could be a clear illustration of the city's interest in the overall project.

Commissioner Marion Williams discussed the screening process for A-R-C job applicants in association with the A-R-C Landfill. You may recall, an accountant for Augusta's landfill on Dean's Bridge road was accused of stealing thousands of dollars from customers.

Deputies arrested Katrina Jones at her home earlier in October. Investigators say she took 71-thousand dollars in checks and cash from people who dropped off trash.They found bags of checks at her home, but about 12-thousand dollars in cash was missing.

The controversial Super C nightclub is getting the all clear to fire back up the grill...this time as a restaurant only. The club will operate without a liqour license.

The Augusta commission voted to close Super C back in August following the murder of Stedmund Fryer in July. Only on 12, Fryer's mother had this to say, "You know what...if that's what happens then that's what happens. I got other things to look forward to and other things to do."

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