Local Update - October 16, 2007

Butler High Vandalism
Investigators are reviewing surveillance tapes to figure out who vandalized Butler High School Monday morning.
The principal of the school tells News 12 a group of people broke windows and went through desk drawers in the school, scattering papers and broken glass everywhere.
A total of nine classrooms were vandalized.
This week is homecoming at Butler.

Pit Bull Attack
Richmond County investigators are busy searching for answers after four pit bulls attack an Augusta woman.
It happened early Monday morning on Kratha Drive near Wilkinson Gardens Elementary School.
Fortunately, the victim was able to kick the pit bulls away after they bit her.
When deputies arrived, they attacked again, so they had to shoot two of the dogs.
Officers had to shoot two of the dogs.
Animal Control has the other two.
Charges are pending against the dogs' owners.

Suspected Robber Sought
North Augusta Public Safety officers need you to keep an eye out for a suspected robber.
They're looking for Brandon Marquiese Greene.
He's the 3rd suspect in an armed robbery at he Advance Auto Parts Store on East Martintown Road in North Augusta that happened on September 26th.
Officers have already arrested the other two suspects in the hold-up.

New Deputies
Aiken County is adding two new deputies whose only job is to enforce traffic laws.
This comes as the county is on a crash-course for a record number of deaths on the roads.
Over the weekend, that number jumped to 36.

Alive at 25
Aiken County Sheriff Michael Hunt says he wants to keep the fatal accidents from happening in the first place.
He's starting a new program called "Alive at 25."
It's a defensive driving course for people between the ages of 16 and 25.

GA Governor in Japan
This morning, Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue is a long way from home.
He's in Japan for a 3 day confernce
He's there strengthening the state's parternship with Japan, since the country is Georgia's 5th largest trade partner with more than one billion dollars in annual exports.

Paine's President
A local college has a new person in charge.
Doctor George C. Bradley has been appointed as Paine College's 14th president.
Doctor Bradley succeeds Doctor Shirley A.R. Lewis, who retired in June.
He will take on the role as president January 2nd.

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