Second armed robbery for Hot Spot this week

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News 12 at 11 o'clock, October 14, 2007

NEW ELLENTON, S.C. --- Rodney Adams said he is afraid for his wife to go back to work at Hot Spot.

"It's not safe. I mean for it to happen twice in one week. For it to happen the first time, to me that's just not safe," Rodney Adams said.

Adams wife is the general manager at Hot Spot. The store was robbed at gun point last weekend. The next night, someone came into the store and stole three cases of beer.

"And the next thing we know, she's getting a phone call at 4:00 in the morning and we just got robbed again, not even seven days later," Adams said.

He said the robbers were wearing masks and the cashier was working by herself when the three men came into the store at 3:30 Sunday morning. Adams said he wants something to change.

"I'd like to see a patrol car even if its a volunteer police officer go through there or sit there at night, especially with the girls working," Adams said.

The Hot Spot store is under 24-hour video surveillance. There are several surveillance cameras outside, and inside the store, we counted more than ten cameras. Adams said he still wants more security.

"This is getting ridiculous. I mean this is getting really ridiculous," he said.

According to Adams, there were two witnesses, the clerk and a customer that pulled into the parking lot as the robbers were leaving the store. Witnesses said after the three men robbed Hot Spot, they ran around the back of the store.

"But to go in and just get that little amount of money. I mean convenience stores don't hold that much money. To go in and risk your life and risk someone else's life to get that little bit of money, you must have a bad problem," Adams said.

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