Local Update - October 11, 2007

Susan Meloan Fights Charges

The wife of a man just put away for life for child sex crimes is also facing charges. Susan Meloan is accused of having sex with a minor in the couple's North Augusta home.

Investigators say she also measured a boy's penis and helped take a picture.

Her lawyer is defending her, saying those things never happened at all. However, a victim of Ed Meloan says otherwise.

In a News 12 exclusive, a man named David who helped put Ed Meloan behind bars says he's a witness to Susan's crimes.

Ed Meloan Prison Evaluation

News 12 has learned Ed Meloan is at the Kirkland Evaluation Center in Columbia. That's where they will decide what kind of care he needs during his prison sentence.

If Meloan needs constant care, South Carolina has three facilities that offer it.
If he does not require constant attention, there are two facilities that are handicap accessible.

Meloan is in his 70's and is in a wheelchair.

MCG Health Employee Arrested

A MCG Health employee could be spending the next 30 years in prison. 55-year-old Darrell Spires of robbing the Security Federal Bank in Langley.

The Burnettown Police chief followed him to his home, where he was arrested.

Incomplete City Background Check

A simple background check could've saved the city a lot of money.

An Augusta city employee, accused of stealing $71,000, should've never been hired in the first place.

Katrina Jones worked as a clerk for the city landfill, but whoever hired her never finished her background check. That's why the city never found out she was on felony probation for possession of cocaine.

Drunk Driver Hits Deputy

Investigators say a drunk driver is responsible for a three-car accident in Aiken County. It happened at the intersection of Storm Branch Road and Pine Log Road.

We're told a drunk driver ran a stop sign and hit an Aiken County deputy and another car.

The deputy is just fine.

The driver of the other car went to the hospital with just minor injuries.

Fatal Accident

A woman is dead this morning after an accident between an 18-wheeler and a Cadillac at the intersection of 11th Street and Laney Walker Boulevard in Augusta.

77 year-old Willie Mae Gunter was killed. Her husband, John Gunter, was driving the car and is in critical condition.

A 3rd person in the Cadillac is also being treated for injuries.

Virgin Mary is Back

The Virgin Mary is back at the Immaculate Conception School in Augusta.

Someone stole the statue out in front of the school a week ago.

A student's grandmother spotted the statue yesterday in a grocery cart near the school. It was wrapped in a cloth.

School leaders will clean it up and put it back in its rightful place.

New Traffic Lights

Crews are adding new traffic signals along Davis Road. The signals are at the intersection of Davis Road and the new I-20 on and off ramps, at Davis and Camilla-Toucan road, and at Davis and Oak Drive.

The signals will flash through Monday before becoming fully functioning stop lights.

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