Susan Meloan will fight charges

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News 12 at 11, October 10, 2007

AIKEN, S.C. -- Ed Meloan may be in prison, but the case is far from over. Now his attorney is working to defend Ed's wife Susan, who he says is innocent.

Ed Meloan's loyal wife Susan has more in common than just her marriage to her husband. She's also facing similar child molestation charges. Charges her attorney Victor Hawk says she will fight.

"Are you saying your client is innocent?" News 12 asked Hawk.

"Sure. That's why we're doing the work. Of course [Aiken County Solicitor] Barbara Morgan feels like she's guilty."

Susan Meloan is accused of having sex with a minor in the couple's North Augusta home. Investigators say she also measured a boy's penis and helped take a picture.

"We believe one act never occurred at all. And the other act did not occur when they said it occurred," Hawk said.

News 12: "So are you arguing the victim might have been of age?"

Hawk: "Sure."

Not true, says one victim who spoke with News 12 and he is prepared to return to the courtroom and face Susan Meloan.

David, one of Ed Meloan's victims, may also be a witness. "This isn't over," he told News 12 in an exclusive interview. "There is even, there are other men. This isn't over. God's given me the strength to fight this to the end."

And in the end, Hawk says another story will emerge. "Everyone has there own personal life, and some of that will come out, but not criminal conduct. "

Hawk also says if Susan is found guilty at her trial, he does not believe she would face a life sentence like her husband.

As for other perpetrators in this case, Hawk says he believes all of those people are dead. But if they are out there, Hawk doesn't doubt the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and Solicitor Morgan will be able to find them and charge them.

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