Meloan's medical condition to be evaluated

October 10, 2007

AIKEN, S.C.---Former TV host and convicted sex offender Ed Meloan has been moved from the Aiken County Jail to a prison in Columbia that's the reception center for the state prison system. There, his medical condition will be evaluated.

If he needs constant care, the 75-year-old will be sent to one of three state prisons that have 24-hour infirmaries.

Meloan pleaded guilty to 12 charges involving sex acts with minors, including taking pictures and videos. His sentence is 78 years.

Three victims testified against Meloan, and prosecutors say there could be more.

In an exclusive interview, David, the victim who broke the Meloan case, told News 12, "The past four years of my life have just spiraled out of control, suicide attempts. I had become a cutter. I had lost my 16 year marriage, my home, my children, my job, my reputation, everything. I lost everything."

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