Suspected bank robber captured in own driveway

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October 10, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---A suspected bank robber led police to his home near two Augusta schools after a holdup this morning in Langley.

Deputies say 55-year-old Darrell E. Spires went into the Security Federal bank at 2812 Langley Street in Langley around 9:10. They say he put on some gloves and went to the counter, where he asked to make a withdrawal. A few moments later, he jumped over the counter, which is approximately five and a half feet tall, took all the money from a teller's drawer, jumped back over the counter, and took off in a green GMC Jimmy.

Burnettown Police Chief D.P. Smith tracked Spires down. There was a chase that ended on Baker Avenue in Augusta, near Walton Way. Chief Smith arrested Spires and recovered the stolen money at Spires' own home after Spires parked his car in the driveway. Spires is being held in the Richmond County jail.

It was originally thought that Spires was connected to other bank robberies in the area, but the Richmond County Sheriff's Office says that isn't the case.

News 12 talked to the wife of Darrell. She says she was surprised this happened. She says her husband didn't give her any indication that he was going to rob a bank.

Darrell also told Smith he was depressed at the moment. One of Darrell's neighbors said he thought Darrell would have been the last person to do something like this.

Darrell is not linked to any other bank robberies in the area. He could face up to 30 years in prison. He's charged with a felony: going into a bank with the intent to steal.

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