District 4 Commission Candidates

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, October 9, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---The Augusta Commission election is coming up in November with 5 seats up for grabs. To help with your decision, News 12 is taking a closer look at each candidate over the next few weeks. Today, District 4--a seat that Commissioner Bernard Harper will have to fight to keep.

"We can no longer sit down while Augusta shuts down, we must stand-up so Augusta can stand out," says District 4 candidate Alvin Mason. He lost the election by only 92 votes last time, now he's making his voice heard once again.

Mason says, "I think we need an extreme makeover on this commission, but I feel I'm the best qualified." as do each of the candidates. There are three people all together. Mason is a former soldier.

Tanya Barnhill is a newcomer, and the incumbent, Bernard Harper. Harper calls experience key. He says, "I believe this election is too important to be based on a promise or a good idea but rather experience."

That's one train of thought, but Barnhill declares anything the guys can do a woman can do better. "Women are used to multi-tasking and doing very well. We do it in our daily lives without even thinking about it. It's gonna be a different perspective that I would bring.

Incumbent Bernard Harper says, "No matter what happens when I eventually step down I want the person that takes that seat to have the same compassion, feeling, and energy I have about District 4."

Alvin Mason says, "I'm a twenty year military veteran, and we understand that if we don't have effective communications with real dialogue that's its as serious as we might come home in a body bag, and that's what I bring to this commission...that seriousness because I don't want Augusta to be in a body bag.

It's big talk for a big vote. Now, roll call...ladies first:

"Hi, I'm Tanya Barnhill and I want to be the next commissioner for District 4. Why, because it works better when we work together."

"I'm Alvin D. Mason and I'm running for commissioner of District 4...a new attitude, a new Augusta."

"I'm Bernard Harper. I've been in this seat for the past year. I enjoy the job. It's been an honor and a pleasure for me to serve the citizens of District 4. I wish to continue with your help and support to serve you."

There is more to come. We will look at candidates in District 6, 8, and 10 in the coming weeks.

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