Meloan sentenced to 78 years

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October 9, 2007

AIKEN, S.C.---Former TV host and North Augusta Planning Commission member Ed Meloan is going to jail. He was sentenced this afternoon to 78 years for sexually abusing dozens of boys.

The abuse that Meloan admitted to dates back to the late 1960s and apologized for the countless lives he ruined.

And new details of what Edward Meloan did are shocking.

Court began with Meloan's guilty plea then Judge Early asked Meloan, "How are you today Mr. Meloan?"

Meloan answered, "I'm, I'm nervous."

And he had every reason to be as all the skeletons came out of his closet in open court.

His victims and solicitor Barbara Morgan giving details that even shocked the judge.

Solictor Morgan, "All of those were of minors from infancy. Literally in diapers to pre puberty."

She's talking about the 9 thousand photos and up to 175 pornographic movies found locked away on Meloan's home computer. All recently organized by the victim's ages.

Morgan expanded on that with, "Children clearly engaging in sexual activity. Oral, anal, vaginal, intercouse with other children, inanimate objects. Erect male genetailia, all around."

Three of his vicims spoke, fighting back tears describing the abuse they suffered at his home, in WRDW studios, and across state lines.

Boyscouts, neighbors, even his son's playmates, boys ages 10 to 17 who trusted Meloan became his victims.

Countless boys forced to preform sex acts with him each hother and other men in Georgia.

The children were also exposed to pornographic films. Two victims even forced to act in two of Meloan's homemade child porn movies.

Solicitor Morgan says he made money off the films, selling them to a California distributor.

Judge Early said to Meloan, "You are a monster a monster living among us."

As for Meloan, his emotion never waivered.

Even as he offered this apology to his victims, "I want to apolgize. I deeply regret the problems I caused them, and their family as a result of this. I realize it's difficult for anyone to forgive me for what I did. I can only ask for forgiveness. I'm very sorry. I'm very sorry. I cannot go back and undo the past. I'm very sorry."

The judge threw the book at Meloan, giving him the maximum sentence.

"If I'm correct that's a total of 78 years in the State Department of Corrections. Get him out of here."

Meloan is 75 years old and in bad health.

His attorneys tell me Meloan will likely be moved from the Aiken County Detention Center to a jail that handles sick inmates.

His wife, Susan Meloan, is also facing charges in the case. She'll be in court in the next few months.

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