Aiken man accused of kidnapping

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October 9, 2007

AIKEN, S.C.---23-year-old Barry Smith of Aiken has been arrested and charged with burglary and kidnapping.

The Aiken County Sheriff's Office says Smith attacked 24-year-old Valerie Woods when she arrived home from work this morning shortly before 8 o'clock. Smith and Woods have two children together.

Woods was carrying a four-year-old boy and a handgun, and when Smith ran towards her, she fired at him. Deputies say Smith briefly ran away, then tried to attack again, and was fired upon a second time.

Investigators say Woods locked herself in the house, but Smith kicked open the door and dragged her to her car and drove away, leaving the child behind. The child was unhurt.

Deputies stopped the car on Lloyd Town Road and arrested Smith. Woods was uninjured and reunited with her son.

Since April 2006, the sheriff's office has responded to approximately 40 calls for service at Woods' address on Morningside Drive. Two calls were domestic disputes, and the remainder were burglaries, well-being and patrol checks.

Smith is being held at the Aiken County Detention Center.

News 12 talked to Valerie Woods. She says she was scared when Smith came after her. She never expected it and says it happened so fast.

She says Smith wanted to make sure their four-year-old son, who they had left alone at the house, got to the school bus on time. So he tried to call Valerie's grandmother, but Valerie told Smith the child was at home. Smith then drove back to Valerie's house. But he saw officers in the area and headed to Lloyd Town Road. That's where Smith and Valerie were found, safe.

We talked to some neighbors today who say this area was quiet.. until today. Ella Scttles calls the nieghborhood home for abot 30 years. She thought it was peaceful, "but evidently, something is happening to it."

And she's not alone.

"It seems to be a quiet neighborhood. I've lived here for a littel bit - it's been pretty quiet," says another neighbor.

All 30 years Ella's been locking her doors. Something that won't change after this.

"I lock them all the time but I'll be double locking them this time."

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