Surveillance photos may be key to finding robber

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News 12 at 11, October 8, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. --- A robbery by intimidation, that's what Richmond County investigators are calling it. The Circle K at Wrightsboro Road and Highland Avenue was robbed Sunday night by one man.

It happened around 9:53. They said the man walked in the Circle K, walked up to the counter and handed a note to the clerk. That note said he had a gun and demanded all the money from the register.

"Initially, she was in shock. Didn't know what to think when she read the note, but then she proceeded to open a register as he walked behind the counter," Sgt. Calvin Chew said.

One of the photos shows the suspect standing beside the cashier. He took the money and was last seen running behind the store on Raymond Avenue. Deputies said the other customers didn't even know a robbery was happening.

"They found out after when the suspect exited and the clerk was in tears and called 911. That's when they realized a robbery occurred," Sgt. Chew said.

Investigators have interviewed two witnesses who were at the store. They said the suspect never showed a gun, but the clerk thought the suspect did have a weapon.

"But he reached behind his back to indicate that he possibly had a weapon but none was seen," Sgt. Chew said.

Investigators said the surveillance photos may be the key to solving this crime.

"We have great pictures. So I'm sure if somebody knows this person they'll recognize them right away. So thats what were hoping for, that someone will come forward and give us that information," Sgt. Chew said.

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