On Your Side: Fake Check Scams

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News 12 at 6, October 5, 2007

The U.S. Postal Service is taking big action against one of the biggest scams affecting consumers today: fake check scams.

However, that doesn't mean this too good to be true scam is gone for good.

The Postal Service is taking the fake check scams very seriously. In fact, so far, investigators have made 77 arrests.

And, this isn't just in the U.S.; the Postal Service is calling this a global crackdown.

The eight month investigation has stopped more than $2.1 billion dollars in counterfeit checks bound for the U.S. It has targeted operations in Nigeria, Canada, England and the Netherlands.

There are several different versions of this scam, almost all of which come via email or regular mail. All of them prey upon your greed and despite this crackdown, you still could receive some.

Here are a few examples:

- There is one that claims you've won a foreign lottery or sweepstakes.
- Another one promises easy money for working at home processing checks.
- Then, there's the overpayment; that's the one where someone buys merchandise online and sends you too much money by "mistake" and needs you to send the rest back.

All of them promise free or easy money, but they really just end up stealing from you and eventually can cost you thousands of your own money. Just throw them away or delete them.

And remember, if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

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