More details emerge in Aiken County investigator firings

October 5, 2007

AIKEN, S.C.---There is a new narcotics officer in Aiken County, and there should be three more in place on Monday (October 8).

Yesterday, four narcotics officers were fired and a fifth was suspended. The State Law Enforcement Division is investigating a drinking excursion September 13 to Augusta and North Augusta in an unmarked county car and other allegations.

Fired are Inv. James Crowell, Lt. Jonathon Owenby, Inv. Tim Roberts and Inv. Luke Williams. The sheriff says the four men drove the county-owned vehicle to Cadillac's off Washington Road and picked up women, then made a stop at a North Augusta place called The Spot. Later they went to the American Hearth Inn motel in Aiken. On the way there, a woman performed a sex act on one of the men.

A fifth investigator, Brian Owens, is on suspension. He was not with the other four that night, but there is a SLED investigation into him too.

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