Child porn case against teen daycare worker may expand

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News 12 First at Five, October 4, 2007

Hephzibah, Ga. --- The investigation against an 18-year-old could be getting bigger. Aaron Miller was arrested after someone found a naked photo of a three-year-old girl in his wallet. Investigators want to talk to anyone who had a child in the Skillman Group Daycare over the past year. The daycare's owner said she is shocked at what her step-grandson is accused of doing.

"Why would you carry a picture like that of a naked little girl? Why? And what are you thinking?" Skillman Group Daycare owner, Louise Skillman said.

Louise Skillman said she has not seen her step-grandson, Aaron Miller since he was arrested on Sunday.

"I feel really bad. I'm disappointed in him. I'm in disbelief about him," Skillman said.

18-year-old Aaron Miller is accused of having a nude picture of a three-year-old girl in his wallet.

"The only way that I blame myself is because that boy took that picture of that little girl in my house, unbeknown to me," she said.

Miller had been living at Skillman's house and working at the daycare. Skillman said she told Miller to move out of her house and said he is not allowed to come back.

"That is not a normal thing for an 18-year-old male to carry, and I do realize that and it is very hard and disturbing to me that he would do such a thing," she said.

Skillman said she can't understand why Miller could take a nude picture of a little girl.

"That is telling me that there's a little something wrong up there, in his head because that is not a normal thing," Skillman said.

Richmond County investigators said Miller is charged with sexual exploitation of children. They said they are talking to anyone who has had a child at the daycare over the past year.

"We've made contact with each family that was currently enrolled in the daycare and advised them of the information that we had," Lt. Scott Peebles said.

Skillman said Miller passed a background check before he started working for her.

"Obviously, we're concerned that based on him having the picture of the nude child that there was some inappropriate contact. Now we have the disclosures of inappropriate contact, so we're moving forward rapidly to determine whether or not more charges can be filed," Peebles said.

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