Aiken County investigators fired for misconduct

October 4, 2007

AIKEN, S.C.---The Aiken County Sheriff's Office announced today that five narcotics investigators had been terminated or suspended due to misconduct.

Inv. James Crowell, Lt. Jonathon Owenby, Inv. Tim Roberts, and Inv. Luke Williamson were fired, and Inv. Brian Owens has been placed on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of a state investigation.

“I am asking SLED to investigate allegations of misuse of government money, misconduct in office and improper destruction of evidence,” said Sheriff Michael Hunt in a news release.

A preliminary investigation conducted on Tuesday by the sheriff's office Professional Standards department found Crowell, Owenby, Roberts and Williamson drove an unmarked county vehicle to a bar in Augusta on September 13. The investigators allegedly drank alcoholic beverages, left with two women and drove to another bar in North Augusta. After another brief stop in Augusta, the investigators and a woman drove to an Aiken County motel, and during the drive, the woman performed a sexual act with an investigator.

Another probe conducted on Thursday revealed the other allegations.