On Your Side: Title Troubles

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News 12 at 6, October 1, 2007

AIKEN---An Aiken man is the proud owner of a motorcycle he bought for himself last month on eBay. But it's a sweet ride that he can't ride any further than his own property line.

When Chris McKnabb picked up his new bike, he was given a title. But it turns out the vin numbers on the bike and the title don't match. That means he spent $5,000 on a new lawn ornament.

"I've been riding motorcycles since I was 7 years old, you could say it's in my blood," Chris said.

You could also say Chris McKnabb's blood was boiling after his latest motorcycle purchase.

"I'm very frustrated. I spent nearly $5,000 and that included the trip to Jacksonville to pick the motorcycle up," he said.

$5,000 that now seems wasted. You see, after he picked the bike up and tried to register it, he got some devastating news.

"The VIN on the motorcycle does not match the VIN on the title," Chris said.

That means he can't drive it any further than his property and won't be able to get it registered.

Chris purchased the bike on eBay Motors. He never even thought to do a VIN check. It turns out, the State of Florida mistakenly issued a title to the previous owner without checking to see if the VIN numbers matched. That's a mistake Chris doesn't feel like he should pay for.

If you are buying a vehicle on eBay Motors or elsewhere online, we have some tips for you.

  • Review the seller's feedback to make sure you're dealing with someone who has a good reputation.

  • Verify the condition of the vehicle and make sure it works.

  • And lastly, if it looks to good to be true, it probably is. Basically if the price is amazing, it could be a scam.

Chris doesn't feel like he was scammed, but he does want to get his money back and forget this ever happened.

So far he's had no luck. But he does have some advice for you, and that is to check the VIN numbers for any vehicle you try to buy online.

"You wouldn't to go through the same stuff I'm going through right now." he said.

12 On Your Side did contact eBay about this situation, and a representative says they are looking into it.

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