Man killed in drive-by shooting

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News 12 at 11 o'clock, September 30, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Richmond County Investigators need your help finding a murder suspect. They say 30-year-old Tameika Murphy killed an Augusta man all over a few dollars.

25-year-old Marquez Williams died after being shot last night in a drive-by shooting at East Augusta Commons off of East Boundary Street. Investigators said Murphy was driving the vehicle when shots were fired.

"I was in the house and I just heard a whole bunch of gun shots and when I came outside, he was reaching out for somebody and then somebody ran up to him and just fell on top and both up hit the ground and then everybody called the ambulance and he was just on the ground crying," Shalonda Williams said.

When deputies arrived Saturday night at East Augusta Commons, they found Williams laying on the ground with several gun shot wounds.

"Everybody was just like, what's going on? What's happening? What all this for? Just like why?" Shalonda said.

It was a drive-by shooting, with Williams as the target. He was taken to MCG, and died there a few hours later.

"He had just come home from work like two hours before that and he was just chilling with his baby mama and he was walking down the street and it was just a whole bunch of commotion," Shalonda said.

Investigators said this is not a domestic case, but an argument over a small amount of money that went too far.

"From what we understand, this is a dispute over ten dollars. The suspects in this case were owed ten dollars by the victim for whatever reason he has not paid them ten dollars," Inv. Tom Johnson said.

According to investigators, a 2005 Ford Focus pulled up to the apartment Williams was in. He came outside, walked up to the car, and several shots were fired.

"Mr. Williams then took off running through the buildings, the vehicle then pursued Mr. Williams, more shots were fired, and the vehicle was then seen leaving the apartment complex," Johnson said.

The car was driven by 30-year-old Tameika Murphy. She is now wanted by Richmond County, for charges of murder.

"We do know other people were in the vehicle at the time and they may possibly be the shooters," Johnson said.

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