FFA: Fake IRS Email

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News 12 at 6, September 28, 2007

NORTH AUGUSTA -- An email is making the rounds claiming to be from an important government agency and it's promising you something everyone wants: extra money.

The email claims to be from the I.R.S. and looks very official, but actually, it's all a scam.

The email arrived in the inboxes of several folks here at News 12 and claims to be from the I.R.S. And if we're getting them, chances are you might get it too.

The emails are all exactly the same and the return email address is service@irs.gov. Each email says we're all owed the exact same amount of money, $279.30. Pretty strange that we'd all be due the same figure.

You're supposed to click on a link at the bottom to get your refund, but that just asks you for bank information to make the deposit. Don't do it because all you're doing is giving a crook a chance to steal your identity.

This is a classic example of a phishing scam that tries to get your personal information for the purpose of identity theft.

The best thing to do is delete the email and do not clink on the link. Just remember, the I.R.S. will never contact you by email to let you know if you're owed a refund.

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