Richmond County sees up to a dozen car break-ins daily

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News 12 First at Five, September 27, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Car break-ins are a recurring theme in Richmond County. Deputies say shopping centers, parking garages, and hospitals are hit the most for car break-ins.

"It's an everyday occurrence. We pick up our reports every morning and probably there's half a dozen to maybe 10 or 12," Sgt. Ken Eskew said.

Richmond County deputies said most of the criminals are looking for fast and easy things to steal like, stereos, CDs, wallets, and credit cards.

"I suggest not leaving anything that someone else might want, if they just walk by and glance," Sgt Eskew said.

Sgt. Robert Silas found several items left inside vehicles parked at the Family Y.

"In this particular vehicle they've left tennis racket, shoes, several pairs of shoes also along with a checkbook, things are easily accessible," Silas said.

One car we found had a wallet and a CD folder laying on the front passenger seat.

"A lot of people are making it easy for the criminals. They're leaving their car doors unlocked, windows rolled down," Sgt. Robert Silas said.

Deputies said the best preventions are making sure your valuables are secure, your doors are locked, and your windows and sunroofs are closed.

"They're hitting shopping centers and getting closer to Christmas. The thieves are targeting shopping centers. They know people are going to be there, so easy access," Sgt. Silas said.

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