Band-Aid found in school lunch

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News 12 First at Five, September 27, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. - School cafeterias serve people faster than fast food restaurants. But at Butler High School, something went wrong.

Richmond County health officials says a student was eating a fruit cup when she found a used band-aid in it.

Health officials say the worker used the band-aid to cover a cut on her finger. The worker was not wearing gloves and that's how the band-aid got into the food.

"The employee admitted doing it," said Tony Milford, Environmental Health Specialist for Richmond County.

The Butler High School employee admitted to losing a band-aid -- and that's when the health department got involved.

Milford said he'd conducted a routine inspection just a week earlier.

"I looked around to see if everybody was wearing their gloves, which they were, and they were all wearing hair restraints and everything they could possibly wear."

Kathy Belinski is the school nutrition coordinator for Richmond County Schools. She says she's never heard of anything like this happening.

"We do a lot to prevent it, I mean we do a lot of training and making sure employees are aware of safe practices."

Belinski says all school cafeteria workers are required by law to wear gloves and a hair net when handling food.

Officials say it's the first time this happened, and they hope it will be the last.

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