New Product Review: March 22, 2011

By: Kim Beavers Email
By: Kim Beavers Email

Kind™ Bars: There are many granola type bars on the market. The KIND bar really did catch my eye and taste buds. They are all natural, made of whole nuts and fruit with easily recognizable ingredients. There are about 25 different flavors. They retail for about $1.99 so they are expensive. However I pay for this level of quality. These are great to keep on hand in your desk drawer for emergencies or to keep on hand for a hurried “any time of the day” scenario.

Jeannie-O Turkey burgers: Turkey burgers have grown in popularity over the years and now take their rightful place in the freezer section next to the frozen beef burgers. Now we have multiple options for quick burgers on the grill. Jeannie-O burgers have 7-9g fat and 2-2.5g saturated fat much lower in saturated fat than the traditional frozen beef burger.

Health Valley® Organic: No-added-Salt Soups are now in the organic section of the grocery store. This is great to see! There are ten varieties of Health Valley no-salt-added soup and they contain 0 to 85mg of sodium per serving. Dietitians used to tell people to look for soup with 460mg of sodium or less and now we can find soup with 0mg sodium per serving. How wonderful especially for people who are on severe sodium restrictions.

Whole wheat pastry flour: This is not a new thing to me…but I used to have to go to the health food store to find it. This is a wonderful replacement for all-purpose flour in baking quick breads. It is milled from soft wheat and is a lower gluten flour so it makes tender baked goods with the same whole grain goodness of whole wheat flour (traditionally milled from hard red wheat). Because of the lower gluten content it is not suitable alone for recipes using yeast.

Colorful Harvest Rainbow Crunch™ Carrots: As the name describes there are a rainbow of colors in this bag of carrots. The colors include: shades of red, orange, tangerine, yellow, white, purple, and cream. All the carrots have similar nutrient contents but contain different phytochemicals from which their unique colors are derived.

Cara Cara orange: One word for this is delicious. The Cara Cara orange is characterized by a flesh color ranging from pink to deep red. In flavor it is sweet and low in acid. It was developed accidentally perhaps as a cross of orange varietals, but this is not known with complete certainty. You can take my word for it though they are delicious! The season is about over so get some today!

Petite Sweet Potatoes: Green Giant has added a 24 ounce bag of petite sweet potatoes. The potatoes steam in the bag and can be ready in 10 minutes. This makes them convenient for families who need to get dinner on the table and fast. I love when healthy food and convenience collide. Great idea from the Giant!

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