Eating Well With Kim: Onions

By: Kim Beavers Email
By: Kim Beavers Email

Sometimes I can’t decide what to talk about on our Eating Well with Kim and Tim segments. Many times we highlight nutritional powerhouse type foods or foods experiencing some form of media hype. But the onion? Somehow it does not really fit in either category … or does it?

We talk about the brightly-colored fruits and vegetables being loaded in phytochemicals. But ah, yes, onions have them, too. They are rich in Vitamin C, and the flavonoid quercetin as well as the powerful sulfuric compounds that are responsible for the pungent odor and for irritating the eyes. But my favorite reason for liking them is how deliciously they flavor other foods. Onions flavor other foods without adding extra fat or sodium and at the same time, they add extra phytochemicals. That is media worthy in my book!

Of course the Vidalia onion does get some fanfare and it is well deserved. The majority of the onion market is devoted to yellow sweet onions and there is none as delicious and well known as Georgia’s Vidalia onion. The season ranges from March to September.

Form more information on all things onion and how to cut them without crying, click here.

Until next time: Eat well and shop well!

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