Eating Well With Kim: Breakfast Bars

By: Kim Beavers Email
By: Kim Beavers Email

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! This fact is rarely disputed.

Statistics show that 56 percent of people still miss breakfast -- that makes me hungry just thinking about it. Also not disputed is the myriad of health benefits linked to regular breakfast consumption. Breakfast eaters have healthier hearts, lower body weight and overall higher diet quality. So if you fall into the breakfast skipper category, perhaps some of the new breakfast bars will spark your interest.

As usual, I like homemade items better than more processed foods, but these bars do have some nutritional attributes, especially if they help you eat breakfast.

Kashi Granola bars:
They are full of whole grains, have 6 to 7 grams of protein and have about 4g fiber. I would love to see them higher in protein. In fact, Kashi makes a protein and fiber bar that has more protein and fiber, which I would love, but I could not find them at my store. The granola bars are a second best.

Nature Valley Protein Bars:
I like these because they are high in protein with 10 grams. They are also an excellent source of fiber with about 5 grams. Some of the fiber is from chicory root or inulin (does not have the same benefits of whole grains but IS a beneficial prebiotic). My concern with these is that they do not contain any whole grains and are a bit high in saturated fat at 3.5g.

Kraft Milk bites:
These are marketed in the dairy aisle, which is where they should be as they contain the same calcium and vitamin D as a glass of milk. They provide about half a serving of whole grain and might make be a good option for someone who does not like milk but does need more calcium. They strike me as more of a snack for teenagers than actual breakfast ... in part because I am thinking about the extreme importance of calcium for teenage growing bones and the lack of intake.

The breakfast/granola bar aisle of the store is not the greatest place to eat breakfast, but if you must, choose bars with whole grains, a good amount of protein and fiber (6g or more protein and 3g or more fiber).

Until next time, shop well and eat well!

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