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Time to Care

Time To Care: Veterinarian cares for all kinds of animals including those with cancer

Time To Care: Woman delivers papers, checks on neighbors daily

Time To Care: Woman who loves getting you into the written word

Time To Care: Dance teacher helps students succeed outside the studio

Time To Care| Teacher helps students in need

Time To Care: Evans High senior turns volunteer opportunity into a passion

Time To Care Winner: Community outreach spread through love of sports

Time To Care: Woman raises awareness for Parkinson's disease

Time To Care: Teacher believes in lessons learned outside the classroom

September Time To Care: Retired school teacher continues to teach

Time to Care Winner: Camp Rainbow volunteer

Time To Care Winner: Doctor with special heart for young patients

Thrift store owner our Time To Care Award winner for July

Time To Care Winner: Man makes a difference in middle schooler's lives

Time To Care Winner: Woman helps veterans get their benefits

Time To Care Winner: Retired teacher goes above and beyond

Time To Care Winner: Joy Silas at Byrd Elementary School

Time To Care Winner: Man on a mission

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Time to Care

Time to Care is a multifaceted campaign to raise awareness of the challenges facing America's children and families today. Using today's most powerful communication mediums -- television and the Internet -- WRDW News 12 and our Time To Care partners are working together to encourage advertisers and the public to take action and the Time To Care.

Time To Care delivers positive and action-oriented messages. We hope to help children overcome the obstacles that inhibit their growth and learning potential. Time To Care stresses what each adult, as a parent, neighbor, member of the community, business or civic organization can do by teaching the importance of family values.

Time To Care Award

Click here to download the Time to Care Award nomination form. You can also nominate someone online -- click here to fill out the form.